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The Pinehurst Gazette, Inc. is a quarterly magazine produced in and for Moore County residents of North Carolina. Moore County includes the communities of Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen, Carthage, Vass, Cameron, Seven Lakes, Pinebluff and more. The Gazette got its start in 1973 by Reid and Mary Ann Page and was acquired by Brian and Rebekah Sykes in 2012. The Gazette features local businesses, histories, personalities and educational tidbits on everything from day trips to gardening. It is supported by local advertising making it free for distribution throughout the county.
The Gazette is distributed through the local advertisers, and can also be found at the libraries, post offices, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor Centers, Senior Enrichment Center, and more. We currently produce 6,000 copies per issue. Thanks for finding us on the web, and taking a moment to learn more.

::: 2012 :::

We got underway with the Gazette in 2012. The first issue that we produced was Issue 107.

::: 2013 :::

::: 2014 :::

Issue 115
Issue 116
US Open

In 2014, we produced an additional Pinehurst Gazette featuring the US Open. Well-received and much appreciated with our maps for the out of town guests. We continue to get emails from across the country from visitors to the US Open.

::: 2015 :::

Issue 117
Issue 118

::: 2016 :::